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my first blog…ever

Here I am! There’s been a lot of hemming and hawing over many years about needing to write more. I have a blog somewhere called “I should be writing” which has exactly one post. Back when I created that one, there were about three design options, whereas now there are hundreds and I have obsessed over each detail–the name and the tagline (shout out to my sister the Sizzler who helped), the design, and, now, the first post. The Inaugural Post!

Now seems like an excellent time to start writing For Real because I’m in the process of trying to get pregnant as a single mom. I have A LOT to say about this! So, my first objective is to provide a place for me to process, vent, reach out, and generally express myself. Next, it will be a place for friends and family to follow my journey on a more daily basis and maybe, if I’m lucky, get interested enough to check back regularly on the saga! Finally, I will link over from Single Mothers by Choice, the national nonprofit that provides resources and discussion boards for women like me who’ve run out of time to find a partner and launch into parenthood on their own. I hope some SMC’s (Single Mothers by Choice) follow me on over here once in a while.

Dare I dream that strangers could find this blog appealing? If they do, awesome–and especially great if young women who are contemplating single motherhood find some solace or reassurance or at least a helpful example.

Much more to come….time for bed as I have an early yoga class with a friend in Palo Alto–time to break out the Lulu Lemon 😉


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