6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Kertie! Just catching up a bit on your blog. Looks/sounds like all is going well. Hooray! Saw that you were in NYC for a bit, but I’m sure it was a whirlwind. But if you come back before les bebes, let’s try to get together. Things will be so difficult apres. More soon! xox, Lern

  2. Katie,
    I just read your birth story, forwarded to me by Maria Iorillo. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I thought you might be amused to hear my story (the brief version; I never started a blog, but I’m glad you did!) I had my first son at age 32, as a solo mama. Two years later, I had a second son — still being a single mama. Two years after that, I met my now husband, who also had 2 sons. Fast forward 5 years, and I’m sitting in my dining room, a few days over my due date, waiting on our 5th son to make his appearance, hopefully at home, with Maria.
    I wish you so much joy in your journey. I hope to meet you at a parent’s circle, one day soon!

  3. Dear K,

    I’m a friend of LG, and she sent me the link to your incredible blog. I spent much of the last few days reading every entry, moved and in awe of you! I am at the beginning of the process of trying to become a single mother by choice and your blog has been an invaluable source of hope and encouragement for me.

    I realize that we met and L and N’s wedding several years ago — on the train ride up to the ceremony — and I now feel as though I know you so well! You are an amazing and inspirational woman and I know that this blog will continue to help me through my own journey.

    Congratulations — your son is so blessed to have you as his mom!

    All the best,

  4. Hi K, I love your blog. It was forwarded to me by our common friend Ester. I will in SF next week, want to meet to exchange about our little babies?!Birthe

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