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it’s my birthday!

This is brief as I must head out the door! I’m packing up for a potluck grilling birthday with some friends up in Marin that will look something (if not exactly) like this:


I am so grateful for you, my blog readers, in the US, Canada, Colombia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Israel, France, India, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Panama, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland, Russia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Mexico, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Bolivia, Jordan, Sweden, Serbia, and Norway. WOW. Thank you so much for tuning in.

I am so grateful for my FRIENDS and FAMILY, who are just wonderful humans, so supportive and fun and full of love and joy and courage and authenticity.

Most of all, today I am grateful for the lentil bean.

Now time to party it up! xo


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