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Thanksgiving in the ER

As I finished writing the previous post, I realized that I had gotten chilled under the cool air of the ceiling fan and moved into my bedroom under a blanket, but I couldn’t warm up. Soon, I developed a fever. Aches. Hives across my midsection. Not sure what was happening, I headed to urgent care with my dad.

They diagnosed a probable allergy to the antibiotic I was taking–apparently it’s relatively common. They switched me to a different antibiotic. I returned home relieved that maybe I’d feel better for Thanksgiving once the allergy settled down.

But I woke on Thanksgiving feeling way worse. High fever (my sister’s thermometer was reading 101-103), vomiting, chills, could barely get out of bed. One sister came in at intervals to take my temperature and make me drink, the other did reiki on me while I slept. By around 2:30 I was doing no better so my parents took me to the ER.

I got admitted and my parents spent 6 hours patiently waiting while I went through a bunch of tests. They ate bad cafeteria food instead of the bountiful family dinner we had planned…but I could tell they didn’t want to be anywhere else as long as I was so sick. As unexpected and unfortunate as the whole ordeal was, it made me so grateful for my family. And for good health which is so easy to take for granted when we have it.

They gave me fluids, anti-nausea medication, and a new antibiotic via IV and ended up doing a pelvic exam, ultrasound, and cat scan due to some tenderness in my abdomen, but they didn’t find anything beyond a “complicated UTI.” So eventually they discharged me, I paid my $200 copay (totally worth it), and we headed home. (The irony was not lost on me that I had a pelvic exam and ultrasound on my “month off.”)

Today, I am so weak. My temperature vacillates between freezing shivers and sweating through my clothes. I am on my 5th outfit of the day. I’ve taken 3-4 naps and just about as many baths. The hives look like welts. I ate some food today but not too much. I’m certainly on the upswing but my body is still saying WTF.

All of this provides some perspective on my previous post–I had poison running through my veins for 5 days. My outlook was certainly clouded. I’m still emerging from the clouds and glad to be moving in the right direction. And I am so fortunate that this happened while I was with a team of caretakers who love me! Thank you, family!

For those of you tracking the Moroccan, I have still heard nothing and it’s been a week so I’m not expecting to. Unless he also ended up in the hospital with no access to his phone, I totally misjudged that guy.

In better news, Dr. Hawaii just texted to set something up for Monday–let’s hope I get myself home in one piece!


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the ER”

  1. Love you K and Team C. As for the Morrocan, something never rang true. Another one whose arm/neck I’ll have to snap like a twig? Just kidding (a little). You may want to tell the next batter up that you go have this protective detail that has had a history of making your undeserving, not-making-the grade-ex beaus simply ….vanish ! Wonder why ? Kidding !!!! Love you ! Happy Thanksgiving ! Feel better soon!!

  2. Whoa to that thanksgiving story! Thankful in its own way I suppose. The times I’ve had really bad UTI’s I’ve always associated with some kind of deep fatigue and sense of abandonment. Does that jive with you? Lots of love, rest and good antibodies.

    xo Wig

    1. Wig, deep fatigue and abandonment…doesn’t exactly jive although it does feel pretty core so I think it pushes whatever buttons are available. It makes me scared to do anything with it for fear of getting another one!

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