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I just got the call from Lili, wasn’t expecting it until Friday!


I’m so thrilled. I’m sitting at my desk at the office popping out of my skin I’m so happy.

There’s a clear front runner although they all have excellent grading. I asked her to black out the genders before sending the report, which she did, and of course there’s little edges of Xs and Ys sticking out from under the black ink and I’m trying hard not to examine this too closely. 🙂

I chose to not learn the genders yet. The cool thing is that I can find out whenever I want, I just have to call Lili because it’s all on file!

Today is also Day 1 as AF arrived last night. Waiting for my frozen embryo transfer (FET) calendar from Olga and then we’ll be on our way for reals.

So so so very much gratitude over here. Thanks today go to my body, Mother Nature, and the little spirit waiting to be born. We’re almost there.

See you soon, beautiful embie #1. ❤


9 thoughts on “FIVE!”

  1. And, of course beyond my practical question…this is amazing news! So exciting and relieving!


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