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I am sitting in my beautiful new apartment surrounded by boxes, tapping this out on my phone. The internet will get hooked up tomorrow. The move went perfectly and you are all invited over because I have space for you now, a whole room for you even. I want this to be a gathering place for friends and family, I mean it.

I am exhausted. Haven’t caught up with myself since moving on Sunday and going into a busy work week with plans every evening. I had a conference call at 6 this morning so I really should head to bed. In my new bedroom which has a door, which I shut, because I can.

Tomorrow is transfer day. My sister will come by at noon to drive me over. Time to meet embies #2 and #3, at long last. Thanks for sending lots of love to them in the next 36 hours.

More when I’m not tapping with thumbs and half asleep zzzzz


3 thoughts on “tomorrow”

  1. Love n’ light to you my beautiful friend. Remember, the universe knows…. the universe knows. I bless you. I bless your body and I bless this day.

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