15 weeks

Hey party people,

I had one busy work week working mad hours but am now rounding the corner to what looks like will be, Buddha willing, a calmer schedule. At this precise moment, however, I really need to go to bed as I am craving sleep deep in my tired bones, so I will save the intention to write more for a later (but not too much later) date.

Tonight’s brief update is that I am feeling great and my belly is growing and J is visiting from NYC! Although he and my sister and I were in the Dolo earlier today in the glowing fall sunlight, we forgot to take the belly shot. So, again, here I am in the evening next to a landmark placeholder, this one being the state of California being warmly embraced by a bear. Aka a bear hug.

Which is what I am virtually sending to each of you. More soon, for realz. xo



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