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Happy Mother’s Day!

We started the day at UCSF for our first non-stress test to check on how the babe is doing. It was a little surreal to be in the Labor and Delivery unit of the hospital after all the expectation that I’ll be doing this at home–felt very busy like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Everyone was very nice. Every single nurse and doctor I saw was a woman. They put me in such a tiny room that my parents had to wait in a (tiny) waiting room and it was really hot and I thought for a moment I might be too claustrophobic to stay in there. They strapped on the big belts and I heard the baby’s heartbeat for 20 minutes, as well as big static when he was moving, which was often. They came back and said his heartbeat was ‘perfect.’ Measured the amniotic fluid and it was a 9 (they want higher than 6). The doctor said his head is “massively down.” So, everything checked out and we were sent home. It felt great to get a good report. I have another appointment on Wednesday.

In the afternoon, we took a nice urban hike in the warm sun with a cool wind. We got a picnic’s worth of food at Bi-Rite and headed up to Alamo Square to lay around and eat and people watch. It was so relaxing and lovely. I am so BIG. The cashier at Bi-Rite said it looks like I’m “about to explode.” It’s nearly impossible to put on my shoes and makes me out of breath. When it was time to go home, I almost pulled down my dad who was trying to help me get up off the ground!

I’m sleepy after getting a no-sleep nap this afternoon because the baby was kicking so much. My mom suggested a bath which is such a fantastic idea so that’s where I’m headed.

But, first, I at least wanted to say, in a sleepy and probably inarticulate way, how much I love and appreciate my mom. WOW has she (and my dad) taken the bull by the horns in this baby-prep-mode and embraced the whole process of this waiting period. I am so lucky that my parents are here! I basically didn’t even get a card together this Mother’s Day, but I know that more importantly we are spending this exciting time together. Thank you, Mom, for all the nourishing mama cooking, for running and organizing the kitchen, for scrubbing the floors like Cinderella, for being game for any length of walk, for watching episodes of Call the Midwife while I weep over the births. And soon: for being here for my baby’s birth and all the help I’ll need afterward. I am so grateful.

Meanwhile, I must also acknowledge the equally enormous contributions of my dad, who is responsible for installing many fixtures, ordering and assembling needed items, getting the washer and dryer up the stairs and functioning, all kinds of chauffeuring and parking, omelets, Waldorf salads, expertly filling and emptying the birth tub, and more. Thank you, Dad!

Finally, without trying to be comprehensive because I’m excited to take a bath and then probably go to sleep, I am sending love and gratitude to all the mamas in my life–the SMCs, the homebirthers, those pregnant and trying to get pregnant, the dog-mamas and cat-mamas, the aunties, and those who just plain love and nurture their loved ones in a way that makes the world go round. Actually, I think that is comprehensive. I wish for all of this wonderful nurturing energy to be acknowledged and appreciated today. Love to you all.

I’ll go out with my 41 week belly shot and I know enough not to jinx it by saying it’s the last one. (Check out my amazing shadow.) I’ll be over here meditating and sleeping and buttering this baby up. xo



11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Can I just say that you are amazing for still being able to wear pants at 41 weeks?!? I only made it to 39 both times, and I know I was only wearing dresses at the end. you’re so close!

  2. I remember going into the hospital for my non-stress test after spending nearly my entire pregnancy receiving in-home midwife care. It too was a surreal experience. I remember feeling so happy in that moment with my decision to birth at home- and also feeling that if I had to birth in the hospital, everything would be fine. So basically, the sum total, was that it was all going to be great, no matter what happened and that I was ready for my sweet baby to arrive. Here’s to a smooth arrival. And while I’d love to share my 40th birthday (May 17th) with your son, I’m happy to defer this honor to an earlier arrival. Thinking of you on this Mother’s Day and what a wonderful mother you already are. xoxo

  3. Amazing shadow. You seem to be soaking up the good energy of the extra week you’ve been granted. Not everyone handles “extra” time so gracefully! Award yourself with another nap!
    Happy Mother’s Day!


    1. Thanks, Wiggy. I am handling it pretty well–I’m now thinking of it as 4 days to castor oil. That’ll do it. Meanwhile, heading out on another walk (and then nap). lots of love, Wig

  4. Yes, it’s me (C)! Haha. Didn’t realize that I was coming up as anonymous. I had no intention of being anonymous- I guess that’s just how my signature got set up. 40th birthday for me on Saturday and birthing day for Baby Crouch coming up any day!

  5. Gorgeous photo!! So exciting and so wonderful!!! Thrilled for you and the adventure ahead! Thank you for sharing these moments with us!! How wonderful to have your family with you! xoxox

  6. You look amazing and you look so READY. Sending good vibes to the wee one for an easy passage into the world that’s waiting for him, and big hugs to you, mama!

  7. I just have to laugh at how many people I know think that website you had shared (and I posted on FB) think that It is real and will actually change once the baby is born! At least it’s keeping them at bay ;). Haha.

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