E is born!

I’ve been in the love cocoon, sorry for the delay!

My beautiful son E was born at UCSF on May 19, 2014 at 8:51am after a long but uncomplicated labor surrounded by a team of guardian angels and love, weighing 10lbs 2oz and measuring 21.5 inches–a big boy! He is long and strong with dark brown hair, big eyes, and a mellow demeanor as we learn about each other in these sweet early days. I’ve been getting very little sleep as we do cluster feeding through the nights but am still powered by the euphoria of birthing this amazing guy and welcoming him into my world!

I have so much to tell you about the birth. My doula took detailed notes on the play by play and once I have those, and the baby gives me a little free time, I’ll write it up. I can only say that it was E’s perfect birth and the experience will be teaching me the rest of my life.

Babes is wanting my full attention again. Much more soon and thanks for all the well wishes! xoxoxo, Mama K and Little E




14 thoughts on “E is born!”

  1. Fantastic news!! Its an amazing journey and those early days of discovery are exhaustingly precious, enjoy your gorgeous boy and all that he brings with much love from the UK xxx

  2. Tears welling. So happy for you!! I’ve been reading and not writing for a long time, and wishing you well from afar (New Zealand) 🙂 well done Katie, he is a gorgeous big boy. My baby is almost 8 months and it’s been a very fast baby blur. Feeling clucky for a newborn already!

  3. I just well up with tears every time I look at these two pictures. I keep going back to your FB page, over and over, to look at them and drink in the magic. So happy for you! Lots of love…

  4. …. thinking of you this entiiiiiiire time and sending so much love your way. I too am an SMC and on my way to PRESCHOOL GRADUATION today (in about 30 minutes) and I can’t believe it !!!!! Enjoy mama …. it goes by so fast. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! He is soooo sooooo perfect and beautiful. Wow !!! YOU DID IT !!!!

  5. Congrats! A longtime reader of your blog. You’re little boy was due on my own due date and born on my birthday. Lots and lots of love.

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