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heat wave

It’s 10:45pm and, finally, the heat is relenting. I don’t know how hot it got today but here in SF we get all bent out of shape about anything 80 and up.

Still, when I got to Starbucks this afternoon while my sister watched the baby for a bit, I ordered my decaf latte hot. Because I could. (And because I hate paying $4 for a cup full of mostly ice.)

The heat is scheduled to continue for the next few days and my tiny fan in the bedroom is probably not going to cut it. All the windows are wide open and baby E is sleeping in only a diaper. But–we do have chilled white wine AND lime popsicles, so we’ll probably be OK.

I’m too tired to write but it’s been too long! E nursed nonstop today and I think my body is depleted of calories. I’m trying to make up for that with some Hint-O-Mint Newman-O’s. The saddest moment of today was when I got my sister’s offer to pick up some In-N-Out burgers–30 mins too late! Now I’m craving In-N-Out like crazy and may have to make a special trip tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have Zumba and 9:30 which will probably be inhumanly hot but terribly fun and good one-hour child care practice for E. Then, after probably a nap at home, we’ll take the edge off with a family rec swim in the afternoon.

I love these days, and they are sliding past, and the light is beginning to glow with autumn (even if autumn is actually summer). It’s amazing how quickly we slide into the holidays at this time of year.

We are in October! The month I go back to work. It’s a big deal. I have so many mixed emotions about it. All in all, I was incredibly lucky to get six months. It’s been glorious.

In a few weeks, E will go to the perfect nanny share situation just ten minutes from home and my parents will be here for support and some child care responsibilities as we phase him in! Amazing! Still–moms should get a year off, like in Europe. Seriously.

E just grows and grows–almost 20 pounds at 4.5 months and 2 teeth already coming in the bottom! He now reaches up to touch or swat at whatever I’m eating or drinking, and actually pushed a bottle of water out of my mouth so I spilled it all over myself. He rolls onto his belly all the time now, and can even roll back (he looks up at me expecting accolades). He’s doing lots of ab work to prep for sitting up in the near future.

Here’s the man with his little bottom teeth. Love and cool breezes to you!



6 thoughts on “heat wave”

  1. Damn we had a frost warning this morning and its time to bring the potted plants in. Where are the in between temps? It’s been chilly and really windy here. I HATE wind! So your Zumba/child care comment got me going this morning. I started looking for Zumba classes (which I love) at all
    Of our 6 rec centers in the area. Most were past our bedtime and the others were outside of the childcare hours (one center had child care from 8-1 and 4-8. The damn class is from 2-3. Grrrr). I guess it’s not going to work for us. It also says 6 mos. and older. I am guessing both of our boys can pass for older than 6 mos. 😉 20 lbs is impressive btw!! We are 16 lbs now.

  2. I have such incredible joy seeing that little chubby nugget. I love the news about him and what he’s doing, and how you are!

  3. Omg! You must have some powerful mama’s milk! 20-pounds and 2 teeth already. Wow. Can’t believe how fast this little one is growing. And what an amazing job you’ve done of surrounding yourself with community and support. I am in awe. Lots of love to you and E. xoxo

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