Wowzers it has been a while. Crazy month o November with work deadlines, parents’ visit, Thanksgiving, house projects… I fell off the blogging wagon.

Today, I’m back on. All we can do is start wherever we are. I am sitting on the bus in a wool coat and winter hat. It’s cold. I couldn’t bring myself to run home this week, not so much because of the cold as the dark. I’m not procrastinating and I do need the exercise, but it feels dangerous. After two days of carrying my running clothes and shoes back and forth, I’m going to try running IN to work tomorrow when the sun is up and who really cares if I never do change into work clothes- seriously, no one. So I look forward to finding out if it really is more downhill on the way in. (Probably not!)

Part of not wanting to run home is because I feel more vulnerable after recent world events, particularly after yet another mass shooting today. I feel like being more careful and mindful with this one wild and precious life of mine. It’s the least we can do for those at the wrong place at the wrong time.

After the Paris attacks, I found myself one night staying up late reading about the victims, watching videos, and sinking into a deep spiral of sadness and anxiety about the state of the world. I was in the living room when I heard E wake up and cry in a panicked way that matched my mood. I got ready for bed and snuggled in with him, nursing as usual, but neither of us fell asleep for almost an hour. I was lost in emotion, sinking, worrying, and at some point he just started wailing and saying, Mommy, Mommy, and I had to rock him to sleep. He absolutely absorbed my feelings, poor little thing.

It reminded me the importance of staying mentally healthy as a parent. There’s a fine line between being aware of news and maintaining your sanity. I know that we’re all struggling during this time when hatred is getting a lot of press. But love always wins. We’ve gotta keep hugging and loving on each other and enjoying our times together. Keep loving, dreaming. Stay safe.

Only three more weeks before the dark days get lighter.

My weeks with my parents here were wonderful. I didn’t make dinner, fold laundry, or take the trash out. My mom organized my bathroom, replaced the shower curtain. My dad installed a little row of hooks for E’s little jackets. It’s so peaceful and relaxing when they are here and I feel really blessed that E gets to really know his Mimi and Chacha. And we’ll see them again in a couple of weeks.

E is tearing through language acquisition and it’s so fun to witness. He just acquired the letter “L,” which is now extremely overemphasized with his tongue flying out of his mouth when he says, “airpLane” or “CharLie.” He knows all his moving vehicles from cars to trucks to choochoo trains to motorsickles. I say, “You got it!” And he says, “I got it!” And when he wants to nurse on the other side, he says, “Side? Side?” When he wakes up he says, “Hand?” And then tries to drag me out of bed (before long, he’ll be able to!).

Almost to CharLie’s. Lots of love to you and happy December. More soon xoxo



5 thoughts on “Hi”

  1. Dear K, You do have a way with your writing to put the words that have been lurking in my mind on paper. Your description of the state of the world so matched the feelings I have had lately! Love will prevail!

  2. Hi !! I’ve been following you forever now. I feel like you are my friend and I so admire you!! I too am a solo mom and I just wanted to tell you about the latest situation I am having to navigate. So, it’s the daddy daughter dance at my daughter’s school (she’s in kinder).

  3. …it’s me again …. well they are telling me I can’t go because moms aren’t allowed !!! What is this? 1950??? I’m so upset and I wanted to ask you what you think.

    Thanks… love you so much!!!

  4. Angelica- I’m sorry I forgot to respond here. I’ve been giving thought to the daddy-daughter dance phenomenon. I think it’s sweet for dads and daughters to do things together but no different from dads/sons or moms/daughters or moms/sons so why do only daddies and daughters get a whole dance?? You have three options: 1) insist on going with your daughter, 2) send her with a guy friend, 3) or boycott on principle. How does your daughter want to handle it? I’d want to be as sensitive as possible to what she wants. Good luck and please let me know how it goes.

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