C is 12 weeks old

Oh little C, I’m writing so little about you, my second-born. How cliché of me to under-document your early days! But since you’re having happy nakey-time on the bed next to me, I’m going to put some details down.

First of all, you’re a mellow girl. Once we ironed out day and night, you’ve been pretty much placated by one of the following: nursing, sleeping, burping, diaper change, or change of scenery. If it’s not one of those, I go down the list again and usually I get a hit. You rarely flip out. The other night, you started drooling like crazy, fussing for none of those reasons and I think you may be teething early like your brother. I hear about babies who can’t be put down, babies who won’t sleep, and babies who have issues with nursing and I feel so very fortunate that you go with the flow.

At this moment, it’s 9:39am, the sun is streaming into the bedroom, and I’m wearing clothes from yesterday which I also slept in. You are wearing no clothes and no diaper because I can tell you love to be naked and haven’t gotten much of that, being a December baby. You’re sucking on your fist and doing ab crunches. Now you’re pushing your fist deeper into your mouth with your other hand. I just heard a little protest squeak that gives me a heads up that I may already be taking too long to shift gears to the next activity…

You’ve found your feet with your hands, the classic “happy baby” yoga pose although in its earliest stages, like you grabbed your ankle by chance or by mistake. I look at the delicious fat rolls of your thighs and ankles and I feel so proud of how we’re growing you!

More protest squeaks, hurry up, Mom! You get bored and want some stimulation. I’ll try turning on the ceiling fan (your brother adored those). I lay down with you to point out the ceiling fan and discover that you’ve peed and your toes are cold. I put a fresh diaper under you and keep writing. The fan is capturing your attention although will make you colder…

Bedtime is amazing. We do E’s bedtime routine (PJs, brush teeth, wash face, read 3 books, lights out) and you know once your sleep sack is on it’s time to wind down. Sometimes you nurse during 3 books, sometimes after lights out, but we all fall asleep together. I know that this won’t necessarily last but how freaking peaceful. What a gift to the single mom of two. We’re all sleeping or nursing from 8:30pm until 7am and we wake up together having cuddles.

Sometimes I sit up in the night to use the bathroom or check my phone and I watch as you and your brother naturally gravitate toward each other almost instantly. I know that I need to be either in the bed or watching you because you’re both cuddle magnets at night.

I can’t believe how much you actually move yourself already. You’re 12 weeks and I probably moved you six inches away from me six times last night. You micro-scoot your way back. Then you bonk me over and over with your head to get my attention. Or you let out protest snorts. There are many shots over the bough before any crying happens and it almost never does. I latch you on and we both go back to sleep.

You’re growing! Getting fatter. Charming people with those intense blue eyes that I never expected. You’re busy learning and demand new stimulation. You almost always smile back and your eyes smile too. You want to talk. Sometimes you coo, “I love you.” Sometimes you grunt, “I’m really sick of being in this car seat.” You hate having the hiccups, which you do right now.

Now you’re annoyed so I’ll wrap this up. You’re a delight of a human. xoxoxo





9 thoughts on “C is 12 weeks old”

  1. Katie!! The level of detail in your observations lets me relive those weeks with my son. What a beautiful portrait of happy, cuddly days. And she is so cute!! Those eyes tho!!!

  2. I just gave my last vial
    Of sperm away and a mama in GA is in her TWW!!! This will be the last TWW I will be excited for ;-/. C looks soooo much like E! ❤️. Glad things are going great!

  3. Loved your Chloe post!

    Rep. Jack Bergman (R) 202-225-4735 Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) 202-224-4822 Sen. Gary Peters (D) 202-224-6221

    On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 9:21 AM, the solo mama project wrote:

    > thesolomamaproject posted: “Oh little C, I’m writing so little about you, > my second-born. How cliché of me to under-document your early days! But > since you’re having happy nakey-time on the bed next to me, I’m going to > put some details down. First of all, you’re a mellow girl. Once” >

  4. I love the tender, scientific observation here. You are so patient and mindful of the protest squeaks and grunts, which too often seemed to get my pulse racing. Do you think those little eyes will stay blue? xo Wig

  5. I hope you show this to Chloe one day when she’s 14 and feeling unloveable. I wish MY mom had written something like this for ME to read when I was 14 and feeling unloveable anyway. Chuckle. What a treasure.

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