the daily thing

I’m sweaty from running C to school in the stroller, breakfast dishes are still on the table, I’m hungry, and I need a shower before my 9am call.

But I told my friend Wig I would do a 21-day writing challenge. Because I can’t run away from needing a daily writing practice any longer. Every writing teacher will tell you that if you want to be a writer, you need a daily writing practice. Well, I’ve always bristled at the notion of a daily anything.

As soon as I think, “this [fill in the blank] is good for me, I should do it every day!” my internal debate cranks up: “…unless I really don’t feel like it, or if something urgent comes up, or if I need a break, I can give myself permission to skip.” And then I don’t really do it at all.

My first blog was called “I should be writing” and contained 2-3 posts. No, maybe 1 post!

Yes, life is BUSY. But I can do 20 minutes. I can.

Every day, I get up at 5:30am and feel overwhelmed by the options–meditate? exercise? pack lunches? read? meal plan? drink lemon water? sip coffee? work? write? It’s the only time of the day that’s just for me, and lately I’ve been absolutely squandering it looking at who knows what my phone. (When I give myself zero downtime, this is how I “act out.”)

I crave the satisfaction of knowing that I’m not running away from my thing.

I’m in the middle of several writing projects and ideas so half the battle is figuring out which to focus on. This blog is one of my writing projects! I’m amazed that it’s still rolling along after almost TEN YEARS! So grateful you’re still out there listening.

My sister started a daily podcast. She’s so awesome at it. I can see her momentum building and her ideas flowing and she hasn’t even officially launched it yet but it’s already taking her to exciting new places. And it’s DAILY!

That’s what I want.

Figuring out where this fits in my day is a true puzzle. But I have to start. I GET to start.

And now I’ve (re)started! xo


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