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I woke up this morning at 5:30am, at first light, thinking ummmmmm do I want to test? Because I need to pee. Box says 99% accuracy on day of expected period. False negative is unlikely. I’ll want a day up here to process the result. I am or I’m not–the test just exposes the truth. Time to test. Just do it.

Heart pounding, hands shaking, peed on a stick.

Pregnant!!! (again!)


I looked in the mirror at my pregnant self and smiled and said, “I knew it!” Because I did. Pretty much the whole two weeks, from the IUI lightning bolt onward. But since it’s hard to know what you know in this process, I didn’t want to say anything until now. Now I have the home test BFP and will feel more reassured when I cross the 5-day hurdle (which is far as I got last month), the likely day of my blood test (Monday), and even more reassured with each passing day. This is a tenuous time, as you and I already know all too well.

I had foolishly thought I could go back to sleep, but no such luck! I got up and had cereal, made coffee, and sat on the beach in the sunrise, feeling grateful.

When I went in, it was still very early. I could hear that someone was showering. I waited in the kitchen with my stick, ready to spring the good news on my parents. Imagine my surprise when my dad walked out buck naked! He froze in place when he saw me and said, OH! Well, maybe I’ll go put some clothes on! A good laugh in what was building to be a big moment. When he went back into the bedroom, I heard my mom say, “Did she pee on a stick?”

They came out, I told them the good news, they hugged me, and then we all were wide-eyed like, OK! One step at a time! And then we went about our biz. (Pretty much. My mom and I indulged a bit in re-looking at my donor’s photos, discussing first trimester symptoms, and watching an animated video of implantation. Have you guys seen that video? Fascinating. Here’s the link.)

I keep checking the stick to make sure a “Not” hasn’t shown up. So far, so good. 🙂

I feel happy and cautious and happy again. One less exclamation point in the title of this post compared to last time. Focusing on reducing stress, resting, eating well. Tomorrow I’ll go downstate to see Mrs. John and her family, including her brand-new 2mo baby boy. More baby time can only help!

Thank you for sending vibes of good health and gangbusters cell division! I love you all for being there.


7 thoughts on “!!!!!”

  1. Two things in addition to all the joy I’ve already expressed:
    1) Nice choice of nail color in anticipation of the Clear Blue Easy result.
    2) I spit out my tea when I read that your dad came into the kitchen this morning buck naked. Hilarious!! Your family makes me laugh.
    Sending much love…

  2. The BEST wake-up call I’ve ever received!
    (Is that fancy enough?)
    I could not possibly love this post more.
    And I am so grateful that 1) you got to share this in person with your parents (ummmm, that will be a great story to tell your baby one day), and 2) I get to share it with you (since you know how removed I feel from the SF group.).
    It’s allllllllll gooood!

  3. I’ve never commented on any of your posts before, but I’ve followed your story and when I saw that picture I couldn’t help but smile for you! Congratulations!

  4. I love that your mom was all “Did she pee on a stick?” rather than “OMG, SHE SAW YOUR PEE STICK!” Clearly she has her priorities set. 🙂

    I also love that you are pregnant! Congrats!

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