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Blood test HCG test result: 195!

Of course, Olga said some cryptic things in the voicemail to throw me off, as you might have guessed: “I would have expected 50 on 7/12 (14dpo) and doubling every day after that so…” (quick math tells me the number would then be too low, but I also think: wouldn’t it entirely depend on what day implantation happened given that these things are variable??) “…you’re in good standing! So please test again on Wednesday.”

Bottom line: the medical establishment has certified my status as prego and even congratulated me! I am enjoying this because it is real!!! And now I can tell you: I really feel it. This is happening.

Gotta run as I am still at work, but more very soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “confirmation!”

  1. CONGRATS! I’ve been checking your blog all day to see if you updated it, knowing that today was another official test day. It’s amazing to think that the medical establishment can describe it as so impersonal and yet it is the most personal and empowering thing that can happen to a woman.

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