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beta #1

I left a message this morning at UCSF about yesterday’s test result and Olga called back and said I could do the blood test today or tomorrow. I figured it would be easier to do it today and again on Friday and avoid dealing with weekend hours and potential conflicts with a conference I’m attending that starts tomorrow. So I went today sort of on the spur of the moment.

It was fine, pretty uneventful–I had a nice chat with the nurse. I didn’t feel nervous. She said results take less than 5 hours but it was already noon so I figured I’d hear back tomorrow. But Olga called me at 6pm!

I was still at the office and ran toward a conference room  with my cell phone, saying “Wow, you’re still there–I wasn’t expecting to hear from you today!” Yeah, she said, she was swamped after the holiday. I shut the door behind me.

She wanted to call to congratulate me because the blood test says I’m pregnant: the beta was 64. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant and above 50 is great. On Friday, I’ll go for a second blood test to see if the number doubles, and you will not believe who is coming with me:

Gay bf J! Is flying in tomorrow morning for the conference! This is unbelievable! He has been here for testing every time, always in town for work reasons! The conference hotel is walking distance from the lab! It’s cosmic and uncanny and gives me faith that there’s a higher power choreographing our bicoastal friendship and my whole ttc process in general. It makes me feel calm and optimistic and grateful.

I woke up the other morning noticing that “gratitude” and “congratulations” share “grat”–I just looked it up and “gratus” is Latin for “blessing.” So expressing congratulations is like joining a gratitude party and sharing in the awe of blessings bestowed. What a sweet idea.

Grateful for all your congratulations and kind wishes, dear friends, family, lurkers. 🙂 More soon.



8 thoughts on “beta #1”

  1. I am so so happy for you!!!! I know this is the one! You stay put little lentil and enjoy the warmth inside! It’s the perfect place to be……

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