tick tick tick

Hi, friends. I have been away from the blog, covering many road miles in the winter wonderland of Michigan. First, I flew to Detroit and then drove up north to spend a restful and lovely weekend with my parents, where the fluffy snow piled higher with each day and the sun occasionally cast its light across the blinding white. I love spending time with them and being in the gorgeous north, and constantly try to elongate the minutes while I’m there.

Drove downstate last night, arriving at A’s just as the power came back on at the Superbowl. Even though I’m here for work, leaving early and getting back late, she and her family make me feel welcome to do my thing and spend time together when possible. I have the whole basement as a guest room. Soooo exponentially much better than a hotel, I’m just grateful they seem to like having me around. Right now A is making us popcorn while I tap away on my laptop.

I continue to feel happy and mellow although this is a super hectic trip and I have a huge presentation tomorrow afternoon. I actually need to work on it but wanted to provide an update as it’s been a few days…

The update is that I am still waiting, and will test on Wednesday. The wait has been the most peaceful yet. I know I can’t be in blissful ignorance forever.The suspension between a positive and a negative used to drive me crazy, and now it feels nice.

So, I’ll be hectic and working and driving all around lower Michigan while I enjoy the maybe-ness of it.

More when my uterus sends word.


2 thoughts on “tick tick tick”

  1. Glad you are warm and toasty w friends:) Love, beez

    Sent with a reminder to take a deep breath, stand up, and stretch. Wishing you well!

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