into silence

Posting from BWI where I am about to head to a 5-day meditation retreat with Tara Brach. Can’t believe the awesome timing of this. I signed up the day before learning I was pregnant…what foresight. Dharma talks, sitting, walking, nourishing food, yoga, and mostly silence. Time and space to contemplate this big new year ahead. This is why I will be unresponsive on the phone and interwebs until 1/1!

Just got the ultrasound report from UCSF and all is well with the baby- what great news and a relief to hear because I can tell you that ultrasound seemed pretty comprehensive. They wanted to let me know that the placenta is low, near the cervix, and they want me to do a follow-up at 28 weeks, most often it moves up, and I am not worried. Just happy the boy is fine!

A big Happy New Year to friends near and far, online or off, in close touch or not, wishing you all a 2014 full of love and beautiful moments. Ring it in big on my behalf- I’ll probably be sleeping 🙂



1 thought on “into silence”

  1. My sweet Katie, I have become addicted to your wonderful blogs! I am jumping for joy at the news of your boy! And now the quiet time and space for you to contemplate the future. And stay in the now as well. Your ability to share your experience is just amazing and brings awe and joy to my heart. May love and blessings surround you and your little one, Carole

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