It’s a…


We had everyone together for the gift opening and the onesie came out blue (actually white with very pale blue letters and trim so no one was sure until I yelled IT’S A BOY! with tears rolling down my face).

It was everyone’s hunch confirmed, the first boy in two generations, it instantly felt right. My only real intuition was that boys’ names have been coming to me much more than girls’ names, and the amount of wild movement has made me picture a boy. I was awake in the night actively trying to stay ready for anything, but it was really starting to lean one way.

Many reasons to love a boy, most of all because he’s mine.

Here is the cutie!



10 thoughts on “It’s a…”

  1. Totally my hunch, as well, just for the record. You just weren’t estrogen-y sick enough seeming for a girl. Hooray! Here’s to smooth sailing ’til you meet him.


  2. I am so excited for you to be in the next phase of this journey! I remember that my connection to Sara really took off once I could start picturing her as my daughter….So now, you get to begin a whole new stage of connection! And how EXCITING to think that he will be the FIRST boy in 3 generations. What a celebration!! xo

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