This seems like a Tuesday thing! Back on the bus. Thanks to the long weekend plus a professional cleaning of my apartment, I am rested, organized, and on the bus 15 minutes earlier than usual.

After a few years of no coffee, I feel myself inching back. I gave it up during the ttc process, kept on without it while pregnant, then it just seemed hazardous and time-consuming with a newborn. But I’ve found myself getting the occasional decaf latte as a treat, then once a week, then twice a week, etc. Then a regular latte. Then a regular drip coffee to save money. Now it’s like every other day.

There’s no reason not to- probably fine or even good for one’s health in moderation. I do like the feeling of being not-addicted and waking up naturally, and also feel like I save piles of money by not purchasing it. But right now I’m so looking forward to stepping off the bus and purchasing that small regular with room for cream. I think it’s $1.79. We all need our thing.

It was a fantastic hot summer weekend during which E and I were not separated for 3 days. I only felt it once the nanny picked him up this morning and I felt the peace of not being on. I needed a break and as a working mom I do now understand the Thank God It’s Monday phenomenon. I also saw a meme over the weekend that was a woman poolside with a frantic expression on her face, it said, “I was looking forward to relaxing this weekend, and then I remembered: I’m a mom!!!”

The theme of the weekend was great food, old friends, and water. M came over Friday night for pulled pork tacos (a slow cooker recipe I will have to post because it was so easy and so so delicious) and catching up after E’s bedtime. On Sat, lunch with sweet baby O and his parents. Then: pool party with the MI crew. Of course, I was too busy following E to catch up with anyone for real- he was in the pool, out, in, out, and his little silken feet slipped so easily on the poolside surface that I felt I should not let go of his hand. He is exuberant around water and even after changing back into clothes would have walked straight off the edge. He watches the older kids with ravenous curiosity. We had amazing bbq. We were both completely wiped out at 8pm and my back was tweaked (thankfully is better now).

Sunday was brunch with C and C–we walked through the Presidio at a leisurely relaxed pace. 3-day weekends do this- no need to rush. Monday I took E to the beach. I think it’s like going to church for him. At one point I let go to see what he’d do and he put both arms up and started walking straight in. Hallelujah, water!

Now he wakes up in the morning and says, Mom. Truck. Book! Doggie. Agua. And: beach.

In the early morning sunlight, I snuggle him and say- it’s going to be a great day.





2 thoughts on “agua”

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I can understand why you might have been looking forward to Monday though.

    I agree with ekamati108. That is a great photo.

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