on top of it

This morning, I wondered three different times if I’m getting it right with my parenting decisions and assumed there’s a book I haven’t read that says I’m absolutely doing it wrong and setting myself up for future trouble. The wondering was:

-I wonder if there’s a proven and acceptable way to introduce your child to his toddler bed that doesn’t involve jumping (and I wonder if allowing the jumping actually sets you back because now it’s a trampoline instead of where you go night night)

-I wonder if it’s actually unsafe and sets a bad precedent for your kid to walk/run around at breakfast, eating cereal out of other people’s bowls

-I wonder if, by continuing to night nurse, I’m holding my kid back from a happy and independent sleeping career

I think that if anyone has easy answers to these it’s probably BS but notice the impulse to question myself and believe there’s some other authority more important than me.

We are in the midst of transitions that have no beginning or end because I’m an easygoing, natural mama who resists structure and other people’s arbitrary rules when it comes to parenting through these phases of development. But the toddler bed is set up and seems like kind of a fun new thing. It’s in my room. Maybe he’ll be intrigued and interested? I’m realizing that night weaning could be great for both of us. He can learn to sleep through (and me too) and perhaps I can occasionally get up early or stay up late which I would greatly look forward to. Aiming to do this after my parents leave. Maybe it won’t be so bad? Maybe he’s ready hahahaha

My parents have been here for 6 weeks and we have 2 left. I have grown dependent on them, especially the dinners, the laundry, and the cleaning. Not to mention the occasional school pickups and evening child care! And adult conversation, someone to talk through decisions, and co-witnesses to E’s daily development. Also they are my parents. 🙂 I always get back in the groove after they leave but am not on my A game in the initial days.

The other night, they went out for dinner. I had gone out of town for the day for work and got a late start coming back- it took 3 hours instead of 2 in crazy Bay Area traffic. I was half an hour late picking up E, then we stopped at the store for food and Walgreens for ointment to put on his irritated bug bite (he for some reason resisted putting it on and we got it all over everything). We had dinner of leftovers and he poured water everywhere (as he does nightly). My period was super heavy and I was barely containing things when I realized that E had a blowout the likes of which I haven’t seen since he was an infant- the kind where the only option is the bathtub. I was rinsing him off in the tub and he was screaming. My parents walked in the door and I felt like the babysitter!

Mostly I laughed because there are just those days when you can’t seem to keep things from flying out of control.

You’ve just gotta laugh and believe: I’m as on top of this as possible.




9 thoughts on “on top of it”

  1. I think we have all of those concerns. I finally threw in the towel on night weaning until next summer. This summer we focus on potty training. I think I can only do one at a time. Besides this whole great immune system from breastfeeding is working for us. 🙂 my toddler bed has been set up for about a year. He’s napped in it twice. Ugh. And I am sure we would both sleep better if I had the energy to work on the project of getting him in that bed instead of mine. I’d also miss him like the dickens.

    1. Next summer as in 2017? I know. It’s a lot. Between the toddler bed and night weaning and weaning and potty training, we have quite the to do list coming up. I’m going to wait until I feel ready or at least clear on why and when. So many mixed emotions and I know you’re in the same exact boat!

      1. Yep. 2017. I know it sounds insane. My bestie did that with her first but then age 2 with her second. I think he will understand more then. I can bribe him with things like ice cream 😉

  2. We did the night weaning in January. The first night when I told her the boobs were sleeping, she took it pretty well, but we were awake in bed for four mostly happy hours, playing with the stuffed monkey, chatting, hugging, sips of water, etc. The second night, she was only awake about a half hour but it was a much less pleasant. The third night, she was awake for ten minutes and accepted hugs no problem.

    We still have nights when she asks and I have to tell her no and once every few weeks, she will cry hard and needs more than just a regular cuddle. But most nights if she wakes up, I climb in her bed and cover us up and snuggle in close and we are asleep in no time.

    And the minute the clock lights up, “it’s morning! Boob time!” And a half hour of nursing.

    The Jay Gordon method is popular but because I always fell back to sleep first, I couldn’t make it happen.

    1. Thank you Mary Ann! What age? And what prompted your decision to night wean? If you don’t mind sharing. I go back and forth and would probably just let it go for a lot longer if it weren’t for wanting to try for a second baby…

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