10 thoughts on “doppelgängers unite”

  1. I love your essay! I continue to be slightly miffed by her lack of response — I mean, the coincidences are just too layered! You two must meet! So I proclaim, now and forevermore, that you are my number one favorite Katie Crouch.

    1. Thank you! News flash: she friended me on Facebook, which is how I knew the essay ran. She also messaged me and said she loved it. I haven’t responded yet but I will! The saga continues. 🙂

  2. So funny! There was a Julia Bond that lived in my college dorm in Missoula…and I strangely never met her but I was accidentally stalked by someone who thought I was her. Now there is a Julia Bond yoga instructor in Boulder and we belong to the same massage place and they accidentally gave her a bunch of my pre paid massages! Luckily I was quickly able to tell them that they most likely mixed us up so I didn’t lose my massages. Now that my full name is out there….google it. You will get a good laugh at the Julia Bond that monopolizes my name in the interwebs!

  3. Gauntlet dropped. Brava! Looking forward to an update. By the way, I have a male doppelgänger, also born the same year I was. We have VERY unusual names. We’re both journalists. He emailed me once to tell me he was tired of Googling himself only to find me. We’ve been friends ever since.

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