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more confirmation!

The number is: 439!!!!!

Olga’s email:

“Hi Katie,

I just left you a voicemail. Congratulations your second pregnancy test is 439! The number went up nicely. Please call to schedule an ultrasound on Monday 7/30. I will be out of the office this Thursday and Friday but I will be back on 7/23. I am so happy for you! Talk to you soon!


Today, Olga is my hero! In her voicemail, she even sounded a little breathless in her genuinely excited-sounding congratulations. She also gave a gentle caution that the ultrasound will tell the full story, the biggest confirmation yet.

This morning, J met up with me again for one more round at the lab. I told Nataliya that she brought me good luck and then she and the other nurse were whooping it up about their good-luck records with ladies and their test results. They asked if this is my first. I haven’t had that question before. Yes, it’s my first! They cooed. Afterward, J continued pointing out pregnant ladies on the street, noticing them now as if for the first time.

Back in the car and into the office for a full day of meetings. Right now, I’m on my way to a champagne and cake celebration where the champagne will merely wet my lips and I will claim to be on medication. (So far, I mentioned to one person that I wasn’t drinking and she said, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t either, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow feeling terrible.’–so far, so good on the white lie front. I spent my whole therapy session yesterday on my stress around the not-drinking-with-work-people dilemma.)

Tuesdays seem to be my mental health day, with therapy, acupuncture, and finally meditation with Beans at 7:30. I was hit in the late afternoon by an enormous wave of exhaustion that stayed with me until I was in bed at 9:30. This is getting more real. When I think about these hormone levels doubling every other day, it gives me perspective on the wild ride my body is about to go on. My acupuncturist told me to expect anything under the sun–but within 2 weeks it will always turn into something else. He kept using the word “dynamic.” Bracing myself!

As a last note before I go have cake and a teensy sip of champagne: I have a close friend who emailed me Monday night with this subject line, “I AM PREGNANT, TOO,” and in the body of the message, “Please call me, I’m dying, no one knows.” She had done her blood test that morning too and had just gotten the results–I was the first person she called in the world as she couldn’t get her husband on the phone! She did her follow-up test today too. Months ago, we fantasized about going through this together…and then we got pregnant in the same week! My best warmest wishes go out to my friend, her husband (also my friend), and your matching poppy seed! xo


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