A leetle delay

So….we will be held in suspense a bit longer. My sister’s plane was held on the tarmac for 45 minutes and then her luggage was delayed just long enough that my nieces had just fallen asleep when she walked in the door.

Yes, I’m beside myself, but you know what? We’ll all be together in the morning and that’s just one sleep away. And it doesn’t change the outcome. So, the zen practice of patience continues. (My dad just suggested doing a sonogram of the box.)

Merry Christmas, all! Till tomorrow! xo


3 thoughts on “A leetle delay”

  1. Nooooo!!! This is worse than waiting for the next hunger games movie. Just kidding! I have my 20 week u/s in the morning to confirm I am actually growing a penis inside
    my uterus. Here’s hoping for a zen and restful sleep.

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