katie v. katie

The doppelgänger story about me and the other Katie aired over the weekend on Snap Judgment! Check it out HEREkatie-v-katie

It was a fun experience. I knew it that the story was going live on Friday afternoon but around 11am that morning I got a text from my sister B, “I AM LISTENING TO YOUR VOICE!” The podcast had already deployed to subscribers.

Sure enough, the podcast had landed on my phone. I stopped what I was doing and played it on speaker. Pacing laps around my house. I loved it.

And then, at the end, Glynn Washington said the name of this blog, something I thought would be buried in my bio on their website. OMGGGG! And then I listened again.

The show was posted mid-afternoon to the WNYC site and I posted it on facebook. Then it aired over the weekend in public radio stations around the country. I got texts like “I just got into my car and heard your voice!” or “My husband thinks he just heard you on the radio!” Emails from strangers that said, “You won!” Twitter mentions, Facebook messages, comments on the blog. I got invited to do a magazine interview for a regional magazine. Blog traffic skyrocketed.

Most interesting for me has been to hear our story mirrored back with everyone’s ideas and interpretations about it. I heard from the other Katie’s friend from summer camp and her neighbor and her SMC friend in New Jersey. I heard from high school friends and colleagues and SMCs. I emailed with the director of the national SMC organization. A bunch of friends on Facebook theorized that the other Katie is a classic introvert. I don’t know. I still don’t know her at all and I didn’t think the story provided any more of a window into her emotional experience of this than her essay did. As one friend put it, “earnest is not her thing.”

But it was a great story in the same vein as so many Snap Judgment stories- they do a fantastic job editing, pacing, adding the music. It had an arc. It was compelling and surprising. It’s also a harmless story of coincidences in a time of awful daily news.

I was so proud and happy that they left in my mention of the “amazing, kick-ass women” of San Francisco single moms by choice. It seemed kind of extra to throw in that personal detail but it fit into the conversation seamlessly and was met with admiration. Of all things for me to plug on national radio, I’m thrilled that it was SMCs and my blog.

Over the weekend, we met another donor sibling! And I owe you a potty training update. More soon.

Lots of love to blog followers old and new!




11 thoughts on “katie v. katie”

  1. I am smiling ear to ear. I have a feeling that there are more surprises awaiting you this year. You are such a gifted soul and more people need to hear about you! Way to go Kaite #1 🙂

  2. Wig, I listened right away and loved hearing your familiar voice again. It made me swell with nostalgia. You came off as very warm. The other Katie remains a bit cryptic to me.

    On another note: “Potty Holding” (previous post). Sophia was the master, really freaking me out and driving me crazy. It made weaning seem like a piece of cake. I came to love accidents and total lack of control, too. A little later she developed a UTI (age 3!?) and a bladder infection, and we got into a really new rhythm and had that experience as a point of reference for drinking frequently, going right when you need to, and letting it all flow out. Keep us posted on the potty journey. I know you will.

  3. I heard your story the other and was so fascinated by it! Heard it in the afternoon on my drive back from a meeting. Congratulations on the coverage and what a wonderful journey you’re on!

  4. I heard your story the other day and was so fascinated by it! Heard it in the afternoon on my drive back from a meeting. Congratulations on the coverage and what a wonderful journey you’re on!

  5. Loved this story. Loved that you gave kudos to the amazing women of the SMC world too! I agree, the SMC’s in Denver are also strong and amazing! Best part of doing this alone is that we got to meet so many super mamas! Best support system in the world (I think you have to be a special kind of lady to even consider doing this alone!)

  6. Another single mama by choice here, up in Oregon, and I too heard the Snap Judgement piece. So nice to find some quality writing on the subject – thank you! I’m looking forward to reading back.
    Robyn, mama to 20 month old Edith

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